International and Thai Cuisine
A choice place to eat
In the center of Pattaya's nightlife, a haven for good food,
wine, drinks and gentle service at affordable prices.


Our OUTDOOR Terrace is a great spot for a drink, snack or supper and to watch the " Passing Parade " of vendors, locals, visitors and all the other characters who make life in Pattaya so very, very interesting.


Our INDOOR air-conditioned dining area and bar enjoy the same view, but allow relief from the tropical climate.



Our BAR welcomes you at anytime for a drink, at the start or the end of the evening, or in between.

We also have a fine selection of Havana cigars.


 You are welcome to reserve with us at any time,
though bookings are recommended mid December through January.

Reservations for American Thanksgiving, Christmas  and New Year's Eve Dinners are essential.  

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I look forward to welcoming and looking after you on your visit to Pattaya.


Phone : +66 1 387-2168
Print out our map and give to the Taxi driver. We are in the middle of Pattaya City Center.
A good resource for information and detailed maps of Pattaya
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